Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wooly Sited in Florida!!

From Rochester to Gainesville, FL. That is quite a trip for a fuzzy little woolly. But thanks to the DHL man, the trip was a snap!
Winter is coming on up north, so woolies are apparently heading south to warmer climates. I know, it seems odd. One would think that a wooly would prefer the colder weather. After all, without cold, there would be no need for sweaters, and without sweaters, woolies would be hard pressed to find employment. However, in their wooly state, even a wooly likes to spend some time in the sun and perhaps a trip to the beach. After all, I hear a lot of knitting takes place in beach environs. If the beach was what this wooly was looking for, however, it sort of missed, landing in central Florida instead. Nothing but gators, skeeters, and swamps around here.

Not to worry though, because this wooly found the hippest joint in all of Gainesville, FL: Satchel’s Pizza. Not only does Satchel make the best pizza in the land while giving his employees a living wage and health insurance, but he has the best atmosphere and good beer to go with it. Clearly this wooly heard the rumors and decided to check it out. S/he was caught enjoying a nice refreshing wheat beer, a slice of veggie pizza, and soaking in the sun on Satchel’s patio/garden. Wooly was hoping to sit in the VW bus turned table setting, but alas, it was occupied.

Now we can only wonder what Gainesville, knitting, hipster will find this little ball of fuzzy, love and turn it into a sweater for use in colder climates.

Stay tuned on Floridian adventures of flying wooolies. Rumor has it; one might try to raise the roof at the UFlorida vs. South Carolina football game today.


Anonymous kate sonnick said...

does wooly have a southern accent yet?

4:19 PM  

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