Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wooly Loves Guinness

A Wooly was recently sited in Gainsville and this report was sent via Sam, brother to one of the Wild Bunch Members.

here is what Sam had to say......
A second Wooly was spotted in the hipster scene of Gainesville, FL.
Taking shelter from the pouring rain, this little Wooly was spotted sitting on the bar at the Top Restaurant enjoying a nice frothy Guinness on a chilly night. Yes, it gets chilly in Gainesville. I can’t believe that the Wooly was able to drink that much of this beer without being snatched up by some knitting hipster seeking to make a scarf for this unusually chilly weather in Gainesville. Better yet, I am amazed that the froth on the Guinness never mucked up the Wooly’s fuzzy complexion. However, apparently from the picture, perhaps Wooly had one too many to drink as he/she was coming a bit unraveled.

Let see if someone takes this one home and responds to the message on the tag.


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