Saturday, December 23, 2006

woolies in maine!

the wild and wonderful purl diva recently released one of her stash of Wild Woolies somewhere in or around brunswick, maine. will it be found? ay-yeh.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wooly Loves Guinness

A Wooly was recently sited in Gainsville and this report was sent via Sam, brother to one of the Wild Bunch Members.

here is what Sam had to say......
A second Wooly was spotted in the hipster scene of Gainesville, FL.
Taking shelter from the pouring rain, this little Wooly was spotted sitting on the bar at the Top Restaurant enjoying a nice frothy Guinness on a chilly night. Yes, it gets chilly in Gainesville. I can’t believe that the Wooly was able to drink that much of this beer without being snatched up by some knitting hipster seeking to make a scarf for this unusually chilly weather in Gainesville. Better yet, I am amazed that the froth on the Guinness never mucked up the Wooly’s fuzzy complexion. However, apparently from the picture, perhaps Wooly had one too many to drink as he/she was coming a bit unraveled.

Let see if someone takes this one home and responds to the message on the tag.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Wild Bunch strikes!

Our next hit of Wild Woolies was bigger than a ball of yarn. In fact, it was over 80 balls of yarn that created these giant knit sculptures that were "installed" around our fair city in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Our own "Ode to Knitta Please," the giant knit objects included a 10-foot-long Christmas stocking, an over 20-foot-long knitted wall, and two city park pillar cozies, all stitched from skeins of Blue Sky Bulky on needles the size of soup cans.

Whether it's one ball of yarn released into the wild or a whole case of them knit into something fanciful, the idea behind all of our Wild Woolies is simple. We want to spread the word about the new spirit of's a movement, it's art, it's self-expression, it's WILD!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

found: wired wooly!

This just in from Suzy, who found a wild wooly at Brueggers on Monroe Avenue yesterday and has already started spreading the love:

I had just purchased my favorite cup of coffee and set it down to secure the lid of my refillable cup. There was a wild wooly just looking at me! My first thought was that someone had lost their yarn but on further inspection I saw and read the tag. What fun! I immediately picked it up and put it in my purse. Now what to do with it. I am an avid knitter but had such fun finding it I knew I wanted to pass it along. I have chosen a friend at work and snuck it into her office this morning and put it by her computer. We'll see what she does with it!